Acts of Violet

Acts of Violet is the latest twisty mystery from the author of Oona Out of Order. Violet Volk was a magician in the eighties. She was famous for her unfathomable stage illusions. In the nineties, she retired to write and hawk self-help books. Finally, in 2008, she returned to theContinue Reading

First Born

Twins, especially identical twins, have a stronger bond than any other humans. So, when Molly hears that her First Born twin, Katie, has been murdered, she rushes to New York City to solve the crime. It isn’t helpful that Londoner Molly is uber cautious, anxious, and scared of her ownContinue Reading

Trouble with Lichen

The premise of the Trouble with Lichen is great. A modern fountain of youth is found. How will it be shared with the public? How will it impact human society overall? I had some serious problems with the prose. It has long wordy sentences throughout. Clearly, the author never metContinue Reading

Death and the Decorator

Death and the Decorator is the twenty-first book in the Fethering mystery series. It started with the discovery of a thirty-year-old handbag in a wall during a remodeling job. Its owner, Anita Garner, had gone missing around the same time. Anita worked in the building, which was then a nursingContinue Reading