Acts of Violet

Acts of Violet

Acts of Violet is the latest twisty mystery from the author of Oona Out of Order.

Violet Volk was a magician in the eighties. She was famous for her unfathomable stage illusions. In the nineties, she retired to write and hawk self-help books. Finally, in 2008, she returned to the stage for one last magic show in her hometown. During an illusion, she disappeared and never returned. It’s ten years later and Violet is the subject of a new podcast. A podcast where the host, Cameron, has promised to interview Violet’s quiet sister, Sasha. Sasha has secrets of her own as well as knowing some of Violet’s, so she declines. Cameron is determined to solve Violet’s case one way or another. Sasha’s college senior daughter, Quinn, is also investigating. Can Sasha afford the truth to come out?

I tore through this book! I couldn’t put in down even though I had other responsibilities. Make sure before beginning to read it, that you have several hours to devote to it. Beware that Acts of Violet goes down a science fiction/magical road at the end, which I didn’t quite buy. Still, overall, it is an amazingly unique mystery that would be perfect for fans of Stranger Things. 4 stars!

Thanks to Flatiron Books and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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