The Burglar

The Burglar is Elle, a young woman who steals from society homes in Los Angeles by blending into their lifestyle. All is well for Elle until she finds three dead bodies in a house she is robbing and then releases that a camera is recording not just them but herContinue Reading

Her One Mistake

Her One Mistake was leaving her daughter with her best friend, Charlotte. Harriet and Brian have one four-year-old daughter named Alice. As Harriet is a stay-at-home mom, Alice has never been away from Harriet’s side. However, Harriet’s family is struggling to make ends meet. Harriet decides to take a bookkeepingContinue Reading

Nw Iberia Blues

New Iberia Blues is another great southern police procedural from James Lee Burke. The crucifixion death of a woman leads Detective Dave Robicheaux to a Hollywood director in town to make a movie. What follows is a slam-bam thriller. While New Iberia Blues is not the best book in theContinue Reading


Rewired is the story of how one doctor changed the ways amputated arms’ nerve ending are left to allow the amputee to actually feel the fingers of the prosthetic. It also shows what doctor’s feel when working with a patient. Melissa is an animal lover. When her two dogs corneredContinue Reading

Belting Inheritance

The author won the Edgar Award for best crime novel four years before the Belting Inheritance was published in 1965. An orphan is brought to stay at Belting at twelve. There is the formidable Lady Wainwright, and her two adult sons, Stephen and Miles along with Stephen’s wife, Clarissa. LadyContinue Reading

Murder Likes it Hot

Pleasurable cozy read set in the world of yoga, infertility, and homeless teens. Murder Likes It Hot is a good choice for a late night book reading session. Kate owns her own business, Serenity Yoga. She and her newlywed husband Michael, who owns a pet store, are having infertility issues.Continue Reading

Mouthful of Birds

You awaken in a cold sweat with a fast-beating heart. Was that just a dream? It takes you several minutes to calm down. Still, the dream’s story continues to haunt you until the next feverish dream occurs. This is the feeling you will have after reading each story in theContinue Reading

Coming Storm

In the near future, the Coming Storm is not just the latest superstorm to hit the East Coast but also a reaction to the federal government’s over-the-top response to immigrants. In 2023, the United States is fighting a war at home. Poor, mostly immigrant neighborhoods in New York City haveContinue Reading

Anonymous Girl

Jessica is an Anonymous Girl in a New York City. She works hard as a freelance makeup artist, while waiting for her big break into Broadway plays. She has had a bad experience with her last off-off-Broadway theater makeup position but hopes to move past it soon. Working as aContinue Reading

Au Pair

In Au Pair, twins Seraphine and Danny are born and the same day their mother throws herself off a cliff saying they took my baby. The twins have an older sibling, Danny, who was also a twin. His brother, Theo, fell off the cliff two years earlier. Year later, theirContinue Reading


First, there was Superman to help mankind. Then, Batman arrived to fight crime. Now, it’s The Janitor because everyone knows they’re Invisible but have access to everything. The Janitor, playing soon at your local multiplex starring Ben Affleck. Paul decides not to reenlist as an Army Special Forces Military IntelligenceContinue Reading

She Lies in Wait

A young girl’s body is found 30 years after her disappearance in She Lies in Wait. Benners, Connor, Brett, JoJo, Coralie, Topaz and her younger sister Aurora go camping. One evening of drinking, drugs and sex later, Aurora is missing. Despite an intense searching effort, she remains an open coldContinue Reading


The unnamed narrator of Looker is having a bad year. After years of unsucessful infertility treatments, her husband has left. Her job as adjunct professor has shrunk to only one poetry class. Despite having a PhD in Literature, she can’t find another job. The professor falls into an increasing obsessionContinue Reading

Showtime at the Apollo

For decades, performers have known they have made it big when they hear, It’s Showtime at the Apollo! More than just about the Apollo Theater in Harlem, this fact-filled graphic novel tells the story of African-American music in NYC from the Harlem Renaissance after WWI through the present. All theContinue Reading