Death Rattle

In Death Rattle, Finn and Mona are a team in their marriage—but not at work. Finn is a border control agent patroling the Pacific Ocean off Orange County, California. Mona is an attorney at a non-profit that provides free legal services to illegal aliens caught crossing the Mexican border. However,Continue Reading

American Dirt

In American Dirt, Lydia and her son are the sole survivors of the Mexican cartel’s hit on their family. Lydia’s husband wrote an expose on the head of the cartel for his newspaper, which resulted in the kill order. Lydia quickly realizes she needs to flee Acapulco and get asylumContinue Reading

Coming Storm

In the near future, the Coming Storm is not just the latest superstorm to hit the East Coast but also a reaction to the federal government’s over-the-top response to immigrants. In 2023, the United States is fighting a war at home. Poor, mostly immigrant neighborhoods in New York City haveContinue Reading

Vanishing Frontiers

Vanishing Frontiers documents the changing nature of Mexican immigration and Mexico’s economy. The wave of Mexican immigration to the United States is over. Both China and India send more immigrants. In addition, Mexico’s healthy economy has pushed wages higher leading to a large increase in the middle class. Cheap laborContinue Reading