The Candy House

The Candy House is another mind-altering reading experience from the author of A Visit From the Goon Squad. An businessman/inventor offers a way to store your experiences including what everyone surrounding you felt about it (as long as you share your memories for all the world to see). It isContinue Reading

The Burning Pages

Scottish bookstore owner, Delaney, is dragged into a mystery again in The Burning Pages. Delaney is invited to a prestigious dinner celebrating Scottish poet, Robert Burns. She brings along her coworker, Hamlet. After the dinner, the venue is burned to the ground and Hamlet is the number one suspect. IContinue Reading

Crimson Summer

In Crimson Summer, a bloody gang massacre is found in the Florida Everglades. It sounds like a typical Florida day until a small red horse is found in a pool of blood. Florida Special Agent Amy and her boyfriend, FBI Special Agent Hunter, are put on the case because ofContinue Reading

Two-Way Murder

Turn back the clock to the 1950s in the vintage murder mystery, just published for the first time, Two-Way Murder. Ian is driving his potential girlfriend, Dilys, home after the annual Hunt Ball when they find a dead body in the road. Dilys walks home before the police arrive toContinue Reading

Plant Power

Plant Power states that it is not a diet book. It is a lifestyle change book. However, it does include the typical diet books’ four-week eating plan, recipes and food limits. But no photographs or nutritional information is included. Eating more plants and less meat is a laudable goal bothContinue Reading

The Sign for Home

The Sign for Home is about Arlo, a twenty-three-year-old DeafBlind person trying to go to college for the first time. Despite the sober subject, it is actually a coming-of-age rom-com about Arlo’s search for the love of his life. DeafBlind people need their interpreters to use tactile American Sign LanguageContinue Reading

The Younger Wife

Thirty something Heather is soon to be The Younger Wife of sixty something Stephen. Stephen’s daughters, Tully and Rachel, are not happy. First, she is younger than both of them too. Worse, Stephen is still married to their mother, Pam. Every person in the family has their issues. Pam livesContinue Reading


Is Pinball gambling? New York City thought so from 1942-1976. But in 1976, it was once again legalized and came back with a vengeance both there and across the US. If you remember playing Pinball fondly, this graphic biography is a compelling read. From the game’s history to each innovationContinue Reading

The Missing Piece

In The Missing Piece, defense attorney (and former District Attorney) Wes Farrell is feeling burnt out representing people he believes are guilty. Wes’ latest client, Doug Rush, is accused of murdering recently exonerated Paul Riley. Riley served eleven years for raping and murdering Doug’s daughter. The Exoneration Initiative (a thinlyContinue Reading