Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny

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Starts well but disappointing overall.

I liked the first quarter of Down the Rabbit Hole, where Holly is first introduced to Playboy life and is trying to get a room in the mansion. However, every decision that Holly makes, from moving to the mansion to dating an “old man” is blamed on someone else or was her “only option”. Holly needs to grow up and accept responsibility for her own actions. I hope her current husband, who runs the Electric Daisy Carnival, is keeping his own notes for a book about their life together because you know she is just in case the marriage breaks up and she can get another book deal from it.

This book is seriously annoying by the end. I admit that I never watched the Girls Next Door but I do watch Kendra on Top so I wanted to see what Kendra was so upset about. I can see why she thought this was a self-serving memoir that basically throws everyone Holly met during her time at the mansion (except for Bridget) and immediately afterwards under the bus.



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