Quick and Easy Low Sugar Recipes

Quick and Easy Low Sugar Recipes

There is an unstated food truth. If you sacrifice sugar, you need to add fat to make something taste flavorful. And vice versa. Quick and Easy Low Sugar Recipes leans heavily onto fats to make its recipes tasty. For example, its homemade mayonnaise has over 2000 calories per cup. Compare that with full fat Miracle Whip at less than 700 calories for the same amount. This makes this cookbook more useful for keto adherents than traditional dieters.

Still, the recipes here are extremely innovative. A gluten free English muffin, tortilla or peanut butter cake made in a microwave? Who would have guessed it was even possible? Note, however, that many of the ingredients are expensive and unlikely to be in most people’s pantries. Most of the ingredient lists sound like science experiments. That said, they are making me curious enough to buy some psyllium husk powder. I just looked it up and psyllium husk powder is the main component of fiber laxatives so you might need to be careful of how much of these foods you eat.

Quick and Easy Low Sugar Recipes is a perfect fit for a keto dieter. It also has some truly innovative gluten free bread and dessert recipes. For others, it might spark a few ideas too. 4 stars!

Thanks to New Shoe Press and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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