Cold Brew Corpse

Cold Brew Corpse

Raina runs a trendy hot yoga studio on touristy Devil’s Beach, Florida. One day, she disappears. Her boyfriend, Kai, uses his state senator father’s clout to get all levels of law enforcement to search for her. Since the title of the book is Cold Brew Corpse, I think you can guess what happened to Raina.

Former reporter, and current coffee shop manager, Lana, investigates Raina’s case. She tries hard to not press her new boyfriend, Police Chief Noah, too much for details. But Lana still has that reporter’s drive to solve the case.

There are mainly two suspects: Kai and Raina’s alleged stalker (or at least stan), Shawn. Though they’re a few more suspects towards the conclusion, there is really no way for an armchair detective to solve the crime ahead of Lana. The reader is only given clues as Lana discovers them. For that reason, Cold Brew Corpse receives only 3 stars from me. Read the much better first book in the series, Grounds for Murder, instead.

Thanks to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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