True Crime Story

True Crime Story

True Crime Story is a mystery wrapped in a podcast format that sucks in both the author and book publisher as characters. It is unusual, delightful, and twisty as can be!

Zoe goes missing three months after beginning her new college life. Seven years later, she has still not been found. A true crime author decides to investigate her disappearance by interviewing her friends and family. But they all see the events surrounding the vanishing through slightly different lenses (a la Rashomon). Is anyone intentionally lying to cover their own guilt?

After reading literally thousands of mysteries, the plots do begin to blur together. I can guarantee I will never forget this book. Brilliantly updating the epistolary format for modern times (no one writes letters anymore, but everyone listens to true crime podcasts), True Crime Story’s format is a showstopper. However, its atmosphere and especially its heart-stopping twists are the best parts of the novel. It’s a true tour-de-force that is a must-read! 5 stars and a favorite.

Thanks to Sourcebooks Landmark and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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