A Cornish Christmas Murder

A Cornish Christmas Murder

A Cornish Christmas Murder is an amusing and challenging locked house mystery with both Clue(do) and Agatha Christie vibes.

A group of people trapped by snow and forced to spend the night in a large country house. Four lost Japanese girls with a wrecked car. A couple who also claim to be lost. A dead naked Santa found stabbed with an ancient sword. Good thing caterer Jodie was a cop for twenty years as it appears the murderer is still within the house. And the local police may not get there before he, or she, strikes again.

I adored A Cornish Christmas Murder. It has realistic characters, well-hidden clues, and an atmospheric setting. Best of all, unraveling the mystery is a fair play challenge and just plain fun! 5 stars and a favorite. No armchair detective and/or Christie fan should miss it.

Thanks to One More Chapter, HarperCollins UK, and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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