30-minute Gluten-free Cookbook

30-Minute Gluten-free Cookbook

Just glancing through the 30-minute Gluten-free Cookbook, it looks like a good choice. However, when I dug deeper, the flaws kept piling up.

First, the positives include flags for other types of allergens and full nutritional information. There is also a great variety of recipes from appetizers to desserts. There are a total of 112 recipes within the book. It can also be read on a kindle so the print can be whatever you size you wish.

The negatives weren’t apparent until I actually tried to cook a few of the recipes. To be fair, I suspected the two that I chose would have issues. The Southern Beans and Rice asks you to cook long-grain white rice for only twelve minutes. It also didn’t say how much water to cook it in, which may be problematic for new cooks. It always takes at least twenty minutes to get rice fully cooked. However, if you work back from the 30-minutes promised in the title, this is all the time it can cook to meet the 30-minute deadline.

The second dish I made was Creamy Pasta with Spinach and Pecans. It had the unusual sauce of feta and cream cheese. The sauce, while rich, was different from the usual white pasta sauce, which was nice. The pecans did add an unusual flavor and crunch to the recipe. However, the author asks you to put a lot of baby spinach (6 ounces) on top of the 12 ounces of pasta and sauce. Then stir it to wilt the spinach. It never wilted. What I usually do is put the spinach in the pasta drainer before adding the pasta on top. That always works so I’m not sure why the author didn’t use that method instead. After those two recipes, I stopped using the cookbook (even though I had bought the ingredients for two more recipes). I didn’t want to take the chance again on wasting food.

For these reasons, I can’t recommend the 30-minute Gluten-free Cookbook. 1 star.

Thanks to Rockridge Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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