Buzz Books 2020: Fall and Winter

Book Buzz 2020: Fall and Winter

In this troubled time of curbside pickup, the Buzz Books 2020: Fall and Winter is an invaluable resource for finding new books and authors to read.

When looking for a new book to read in a bookstore or library, everyone reads the blurb on the back or the front flap. If intrigued, most people will read the first chapter or two. This compendium of books offers the same ability, for free and in your own home—no face covering required.

The books included here run the gamut of genres with literary fiction, mystery, science fiction, young adult, and non-fiction all included. I’m sure most readers will find a few books that fit their tastes. Publisher’s Lunch also has a Spring/Summer 2020 Book Buzz available for those impatient readers looking for a book now. They also publish a separate Book Buzz for romance fans. All three books are free for Kindle readers on Amazon.

For book reviewers, there is a NetGalley link to request the book. At least one book is available to read now on Edelweiss+ too because I had already downloaded it before this Buzz Book was released. Overall, the Buzz Books 2020: Fall and Winter is a useful tool for readers. The only downside is the lack of genre labeling but a quick read of the summary can usually provide the answer. 4 stars!

Thanks to Publisher’s Lunch and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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