The Walking Dead Vol 27: The Whisperer War

Not one of the better issues but moves from point A to Point B.

The Whisperer War is finally fought. Rick’s group has an internal war brewing with the Sanctuary. Negan loses an old friend and reveals some of his backstory.

Anticlimactic ending to the Whisperer War leaves this volume missable. Nothing much happens that won’t be fleshed out more in the next volume anyway. I get these books from the library. After waiting through a 5 month line, I was disappointed. My only consolation is I didn’t spend $15.

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend buying this mediocre volume in this excellent series. However, if you can read it for free, it is an acceptable way to spend a few hours. 2 stars.

Even though this one was a bust, the next volume, A Certain Doom, looks awesome! All of these books are so much better than the television show (and different people are alive and dead so they could be consumed simultaneously without major spoilers).

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