Batman: Detective Comics Vol 4: Deus Ex Machina

Batman Detecitve Comics Vol 4 Deus Ex Machina

Atypical, thought-provoking addition to the Detective Comics series. Perfect for DaVinci Code fans. 

This ‘comic’ studies the nature of man and existence. It is truly philosophical and full of former religious beliefs like the gnostics. Would man be better off omniscient? The author’s answer appears to be no. Is an adversary that is completely robotic composed of AI worse than an android that still has a human component inside? Does the answer change if you are the android rather the hero fighting it?

Batman: Detective Comics: Vol 4: Deus Ex Machina asks many questions that will encourage much thought even after the book is done. Re-reading is recommended to catch some of the more subtle nuances. There are many Easter eggs referencing classic anime and manga that are fun to find. 

The artwork is perfect especially some of the collages of different ideas captured in one pane. The hues move from brights to pastels depending on the mood of the scene. On a screen, it is sometimes difficult to see that panes continue across two pages so paper might be the better choice.

This is not a typical Batman story, or even comic. However for readers looking for something new with a science fiction/religious vibe, this book is highly recommended. 5 stars!

Thanks to the publisher, DC Comics, and NetGalley for an advanced copy.

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