Ultimate Trivia Volume 2

Ultimate Trivia Volume 2

Just like the first volume, which I also reviewed, the Ultimate Trivia Volume 2 is an excellent collection of more than 840 trivia questions. This volume contains these topics:

  • Geography
  • Pop Culture
  • Science
  • Sports

There are also three types of questions: multiple choice, Q&A, and sequencing. Multiple choice is the easiest because the answer is right there and you have a 25% chance even if you have to guess. Question and Answer is difficult but sequencing is the most challenging to me. The topics are fair for all ages.

The Ultimate Trivia Volume 2 would be a great hostess present for holiday or New Year’s Eve parties. It is sure to be popular with everyone when used with team play. This volume has 40 more questions than volume 1 and is available on Kindle Unlimited. However, the correct one to choose is the one with the topics you are best at. Personally, I suck at geography and sports but are great at pop culture and okay at science so this would be the one I would choose. 5 stars!

Thanks to Rockridge Press and Callisto for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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