To Coach a Killer

To Coach a Killer

Life coach Cat and her humorous assistant Gilley return. Hopefully not To Coach a Killer!

Cat has a new client, Willem. He is a good-looking little person. Willem is convinced he curses all the places he goes ever since a gypsy cursed him in his mother’s belly.

As he is explaining the origin of the curse, the building’s fire alarm goes off. After determining the cause was a faulty toaster, Gilley is convinced that Willem really is cursed. Cat is unconvinced. Her sister, Abby a psychic detective, had told her all curses are cons—trying to wring money out of marks. However, Cat decides to bring in Heath, a spirit medium (and veteran of the author’s Ghosthunters series), to help break the curse.

Meanwhile, Maks is back and has embroiled Cat in his spy games with the Chechen mafia. Maks has also asked Cat to avoid her other love interest, Detective Shepherd. His reason? There is a leak in the police department sending information to the mafia kingpin, Boris.

Cat agrees to avoid the Detective. However, she then decides to investigate his ex-wife’s murder by the mob enforcer, Greta. The same Greta that almost killed Cat in the last book.

To be honest, I’m over this mafia storyline. Go back to life coaching! Bring back the Ghosthunters series. Both are much more believable. I love Gilley. But Cat just can’t stop looking at all of her options and selecting the stupidest one. Even though I didn’t enjoy To Coach a Killer very much, you might. 3 stars.

Thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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