Cook Anime

Cook Anime

Calling all otaku! If you adore anime, manga, or Japanese culture in general, you will love learning how to Cook Anime.

Wow, the author has spent some quality time watching anime! Each recipe is based on a single show episode. However, there is list of other anime where the food has also appeared. Variations on how the food can be cooked allow home chefs to use what they have on hand—rather than every recipe necessitating a grocery store visit. There are explanations of what the recipe names mean in English as well as interesting trivia about the food. Did you know that Paul Simon’s Mother and Child Reunion song title was based on Oyakodon, a chicken and egg rice bowl? Or that ketchup, spaghetti, and pepper steak have appeared in anime and in Japanese kitchens for years?

Each of these recipes sound yummy. They have common ingredients that are available in most western grocery stores. The recipes are generally for only one or two servings so you don’t have to convince your whole family to eat something new. But the trivia was my favorite part. I can see myself whipping up one of these recipes and eating while watching the corresponding anime on Netflix or Crunchyroll. It will be like having a meal with the characters. I am taking a star off for no nutritional information and infrequent photos. But I’m not sure that is what a reader of this cookbook is looking for anyway. It is more of a fun way to learn about your favorite anime. 4 stars!

Thanks to Tiller Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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