What a great hook for a thriller! A serial killer is one of the Thirteen people on a jury and a former con man is working for the defense team.

Luke is a killer. Today, he is killing a lookalike so he can become a juror on a high profile murder case. Famous movie star Bobby is accused of murdering his movie star wife and her security guard while they were together in bed mostly unclothed. Bobby is a great actor but he is also the only person seen entering the home on the security camera footage. He also appears to have waited three hours to call 911. How will former con man Eddie help powerhouse defense attorney Rudy Carp prove Bobby’s innocent? How does a one-dollar bill folded into a butterfly found in the security guard’s mouth fit in?

Talk about perfect timing. I read this while waiting to be selected for a jury on a murder trial. (I was kicked off by the defense on the second day of voir dire.) It did make me think more about my fellow jurors than I usually do.

The next best thing to being a juror in real life is reading this book. Thirteen makes you the fourteenth member of the jury and the fourth member of the defense team. The plot is engrossing and compels you to read late into the night.

I highly recommend this book for both thriller readers and mystery solvers. Even though the who is known from the beginning, the why is the intriguing mystery to solve here. 4.5 stars!

Thanks to Flatiron Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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