The Photographer

The Photographer

Delta Dawn is The Photographer. She specializes in children’s birthday parties. Rich children. One day, she works for the Straubs. She envies their lifestyle. So, she begins integrating herself into their life. First, by last-minute babysitting of their only child, Natalie. Then, by photoshopping herself into intimate pictures with Fritz and Amelia. She keeps the pictures only for her own amusement, of course. Soon, Delta is almost as much a part of the family as Natalie. What could go wrong?

To enjoy this book, you have to be okay with being placed in the head of a truly odious character, Delta. I really hated her from the beginning. FYI, she doesn’t have a personality arc where she suddenly realizes the errors of her ways. She is consistently icky until the surprising conclusion. Is that a spoiler? No, because it is kind of implied that Delta is mentally ill. But her mental illness wasn’t portrayed genuinely. She seemed more like a selfish and envious sane woman pretending to be mentally ill to avoid the death penalty or jail time. For that reason, I am giving The Photographer 2 stars.

Thanks to Minotaur Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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