The Heatwave

The Heatwave

Sylvie and her daughter are back in southern France to sell the family’s house now owned by Sylvie and her sister Camille. The house has been abandoned for ten long years. Something has happened in the house in the past. A fire, perhaps? A child’s death? Has The Heatwave passed or is the past catching up with Sylvie and her innocent daughter Emma?

I really wanted to love this book. When I didn’t, I tried to figure out why. The setting, especially the old abandoned house, was enchanting. The pace was slow but that fit into the dream quality of the plot. I’ve got it. I didn’t enjoy Sylvie’s first person narrative. It sounds simple but I spent some time trying to figure out who was talking when Sylvie was speaking to a group. I also felt more empathy for Emma and wanted her perspective on various events. Most of all, I hated the constant references to fire. I can’t explain why without revealing a major spoiler. Other reviewers loved The Heatwave so you might too. For me, it was a 3 star read.

Thanks to Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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