Taking Down Backpage

Taking Down Backpage

Taking Down Backpage is the story of how the author, a California criminal prosecutor, charged three billionaires with sex trafficking because of all the girls advertised for rent in their online advertising website.

First, let’s be clear. This is a memoir of a prosecutor’s most famous case. It is not a larger look at sex trafficking. There are scant stories about girls caught up within it. It only briefly touches upon how Backpage was created.

Taking Down Backpage is ultimately a backstage look at the pleasures and pitfalls of being a state prosecutor. Therefore, it would be an excellent choice for those interested in the law. It would also be useful for authors of legal thrillers.

Note that the prose is very workman-like in a “just the facts”-type of way. Still, the story itself is very compelling. 4 stars!

Thanks to NYU Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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