Influenced is another murderous frenemy thriller. But there is a great twist, the reader doesn’t know which friend is evil and which one is good! The book begins with a bang of a flashforward chapter! “A sharp blow splintered the back of her head. Pain shot through her skull. […]Continue Reading

Deadly Ever After

Deadly Ever After is another easy, breezy Lighthouse Library cozy mystery. Lucy and Connor are enjoying their beachside engagement party with friends and family. Who should crash the party but Lucy’s ex-boyfriend, Ricky, and his pushy mother, Evangeline. Evangeline still wants Ricky to be Lucy’s groom regardless of what LucyContinue Reading

Press Reset

Press Reset is a deep dive into the video game industry. Specifically, the book questions “why is it so hard to maintain job security in the video game industry?” I always assumed that it was the friction between the finance people trying to make money for their investors vs. theContinue Reading