Truly, Madly

I love Vivian Leigh, the actress. But now, after reading Truly, Madly, I admire her courage in going all out for her dreams despite serious mental health issues. Vivian and Laurence Olivier had a real love story—not just a Hollywood romance. And, unfortunately, not all real-life stories have a happyContinue Reading

The Recovery Agent

Stephanie Plum’s creator comes up with a new free-spirited female character in Gabriella Rose, The Recovery Agent. Gabriella finds lost things as a profession but this time it’s personal. Gabriella’s grandmother has a kooky idea to save their small Southern fishing town from developers. So, Gabriella is soon searching forContinue Reading

The Journey of Humanity

The Journey of Humanity takes on the huge task of explaining how humanity got to this point, which the author calls the Mystery of Growth. The second half explains why this growth has not been universal across nations, which the author calls the Mystery of Inequality. From the Malthusian (hunter-gatherer)Continue Reading