The Shadows

Twenty-five years ago, a boy is killed, another disappeared, and yet another is found guilty of murder. In the present, a teenager is killed in the same manner. Is it a copycat? Or has the boy who disappeared years ago returned from The Shadows? I hate to base a ratingContinue Reading

Of Mutts and Men

I guarantee that I have the best sense of smell of any private detective. I am also the fastest PI on Earth. My name is Chet. I’m a dog and, incidentally, the first-person narrator Of Mutts and Men. My partner is Bernie. He and I solve crimes for a living.Continue Reading

Craigslist Confessional

Craigslist Confessional has been an ad, a blog, even a newspaper column, and now it’s a book. Every story answers the question, “Tell me about yourself.” What secret would you tell if you could speak with complete anonymity and without stigma? The forty stories here tell tales of love, regret,Continue Reading

Dash Away All Spotlight

  About Dash Away All Dash Away All (A Merry & Bright Handcrafted Mystery) Cozy Mystery 3rd in Series Publisher: Henery Press (July 7, 2020) Hardcover: 264 pages ISBN-10: 1635116023 ISBN-13: 978-1635116021 Paperback: 264 pages ISBN-10: 163511599X ISBN-13: 978-1635115994 Digital ASIN: B086TYK58V It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…MerryContinue Reading

Let Them Eat Tweets

Let Them Eat Tweets is an intentionally political divisive book. I am only concerned because the non-rich Republican voter who needs to read the facts within the book will skip it based on the title or quickly judge it as fake news. Essentially, the book is preaching to its own,Continue Reading

Vampire State Building

“They’ve turned the Empire State Building into a—no…it can’t be…a giant pantry? And we’re the meals.” —from the epic graphic novel, Vampire State Building. During a remodeling, a mysterious hidden room with a locked iron door is found behind the walls of the Empire State Building. After opening the room,Continue Reading