Rule of Law

Dismas Hardy is back in the 18th series entry in Rule of Law. Dismas’ longtime secretary, Phyllis, is acting strangely. Perhaps it has something Phyllis’ brother, Adam, who has just been released from prison. After disappearing for a few days, Phyllis returns to work only to be arrested as anContinue Reading


Miraculum is a carnival with a big top, a midway, and freak show in 1922. It is also the setting for a battle of good against evil. After the suicide of the carnival’s chicken biting geek, a mysterious well-dressed man applies for the job. Despite a lack of experience, heContinue Reading

Smiling Man

The Smiling Man is a dark and compelling police procedural set during the night shift in a poor Manchester area. Detective Aidan Waits has been stuck on the night shift by his superiors and partnered with Detective Inspector Sutty, who is not the most motivated of men. When a bodyContinue Reading

Nowhere Child

In the Nowhere Child, Sammy Went is two years old when she goes missing from her home in Manson, Kentucky. Twenty-eight years later, Kimberly is living her life quietly in Australia. She is approached by James who says he believes she is his missing sister, Sammy. After seeing a DNAContinue Reading


The tenacious memoir of the author’s struggle with poverty and single motherhood is told in Maid. Stephanie has dreams of going to college and becoming a writer. Those dreams are shattered by an unexpected pregnancy and an abusive baby’s daddy. With experience only as a barista in an economic downturn,Continue Reading