Origami 101

Using just four simple shapes, Origami 101 teaches makers to create 43 different figures from a simple penguin to a human being. I love the simplicity of Origami 101. Everything is clearly explained. The use of a glow to indicate which part of the paper is moving when folding isContinue Reading


Sancia is a master thief. She lives in Foundryside, a slum outside the four ruling merchant houses in the town of Tevanne. In Foundryside, scribing is used to make objects do the will of the scribner. When we first meet Sancia, she is using a complicated plan to break intoContinue Reading


Great for fans of kooky science fiction, Heartbreaker is definitely not for most readers. However, if you are looking for something different, you will love this book as much as I do. Pony Darlene was born and raised in a cult. Her mother has run off and her dad’s nicknameContinue Reading

Other Woman

The Other Woman is a twisty family thriller that throws some surprising deviations into the usual plot. Emily loves Adam. However, she is not thrilled with his mother, Pammie. Pammie seems to be purposefully throwing roadblocks in Emily’s way. Adam’s younger brother, James, tries and fails to help. Who isContinue Reading

Where are We Heading

Humans have an obvious impact on the things they create. In Where are we Heading?, the author postulates that the things created also impact humans—and not always in a positive way. The author uses the creation of the spinning wheel and its subsequent industrial machine replacement to illustrate the impactContinue Reading