Sushi Modoki

Sushi Modoki

Sushi Modoki means mimicked sushi. This cookbook shows vegans and vegetarians how to create beautiful replicas of famous sushi while not compromising their ethical values.

The book includes seventeen nigiri (thin fish over rice), nine sushi rolls, four chirashi (rice/veggie bowls), four inari (stuffed deep-fried tofu pockets), four oshi (rectangular sushi), seven soups/stocks, nineteen condiments, and four drinks. While the presentation is nice, how much can vegetables mimic the taste of sushi? The author uses clever techniques, like using kombu (kelp) to add a fishy smell and taste to the sushi rice, to overcome this issue.

There is something innately satisfying about creating these works of art. Using tomatoes and red bell peppers as tuna, and Japanese eggplant as eel, is flat-out clever as well as unexpected. If you use tamari rather than regular wheat-based soy sauce, all the recipes are gluten-free. Each recipe includes a color picture making you want to try them all. If only there was nutritional information, Sushi Modoki would be the perfect cookbook. 4 stars!

Thanks to The Experiment and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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