Strength Band Training

Strength Band Training

02Using a simple set of strength bands, Strength Band Training provides exercises for all the major muscle groups. All exercises include pictures. There are also variations and progressions included with every exercise. Some require a chair, an exercise ball or a small foam block to complete.

There is a special section with eighteen older adult exercises. Most are done seated and can be performed while watching television from an upholstered chair. They are intended to strengthen the senior’s body enough to move on to the other exercises in the book. There is also a section for exercising after injury.

Strength Band Training is as effective as weight machines when done correctly. This book is like having your own personal trainer at home 24/7. As a matter of fact, my former trainer used some of these exact same exercises with me using a weight machine at my gym. I have also done some of these exercises during physical therapy after surgery using bands.

It appears that this book is written for personal trainers and physical therapists to use in their work. There is no fluff here. Just a short overview with a picture of the muscles involved precedes the exercises for each muscle group. However, a regular person like me or you can cut out the middleman and become their own personal trainer using this book. Save the time and money for the trainer and even the gym! Get fit by exercising effectively with this excellent book and some inexpensive strength bands. 5 stars!

Thanks to Human Kinetics and Edelweiss+ for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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