Shatter the Night

Shatter the Night

“It was Halloween, and the quaint mountain town of Cedar Valley, Colorado, held more than tricks and treats. There was a dark energy, a dark spirit, summoned from the past that moved through the roaming packs of shrieking children. People would be killed. Lives would be changed. And Cedar Valley would never be the same again.”—from Shatter the Night

Gemma’s Halloween starts out with a visit with a retired judge, Caleb. Caleb received nine anonymous and threatening letters in the past few weeks. He thinks it is nothing—just part of being a judge. Gemma agrees to investigate. On her way home with her fiancé and their one-year-old daughter, there is an explosion. Someone has made good on the threat and killed the judge in a bombing.

Shatter the Night is a fast-paced thriller with a slew of suspects. However, I think the characters are what keeps bringing me back to this series. Gemma has changed a great deal since the first book, Inherit the Bones. I believe that I liked this book, the fourth in the series, is more enjoyable when read after the other three, which I have done. Still, even as a standalone, this book rates 4 stars!

Thanks to Minotaur Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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