Remain in Love

Remain in Love

Remain in Love is an extremely detailed memoir, almost an autobiography of the drummer for Talking Heads and the Tom Tom Club.

Beginning at the beginning, the book starts with the author’s birth. Then it backtracks to his parent’s meeting for the first time. In fact, it takes quite awhile to get to his musical career. Chris was already a couple with Tina in college. He decided to start a band. Soon, Chris, Tina and David wrote their first two songs together, Psycho Killer and Warning Signs. It was 1974. There were already troubling signs emerging. According to Chris, David had “a continual need to aggrandize himself at the expense of his collaborators, as if their contributions were not as important as his.” The band continued to have issues from then on.

As a friend of many (not-so-famous) bands, this complaint about lead singers is common. Many times the band creator feels slighted by the attention paid—by the public, management, and groupies—to the person singing and standing in front. This is especially true if the songs are written by another member of the band. So this seemed repetitive to me, but if you have no experience with bands, you may be surprised by the in-fighting.

My personal favorite part of Remain in Love was the behind-the-scenes look at not only these bands but others they worked with. If you are a fan of 70s and 80s punk and New Wave music, you will enjoy these long-delayed newsflashes too. 4 stars!

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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