Plant-based Buddha Bowls

Plant-Based Budaha Bowls

I am still struggling with my New Year’s resolutions: eating healthier and reducing food waste. However, I believe Plant-based Buddha Bowls will help me achieve both.

Every Sunday I cram my fridge with fruit and veggies along with my good intentions. Every Saturday I feel guilty about throwing out most of said fruit and veg. Usually, I try to use up some of the vegetables in soup. But soon it will be too hot out here in the desert for that solution.

This book has some creative ways to either save (i.e., Quick-Pickled Vegetables) or eat in a new way (basically most of the other recipes) your unused produce. My favorite recipes, so far, are the Asparagus and Mushroom Stir Fry Bowl and the Brown Rice and Broccoli Goddess Bowl. Speaking of the Goddess Bowl, the sauces here are simple but delicious. They are especially useful to save any very ripe avocados on your counter.

I still have several recipes that I want to make from this book. The Stir Fry Bowl was so good that my husband, a big meat and potatoes guy, asked to eat some and enjoyed it. Overall, easy, delicious and healthy vegan recipes make Plant-based Buddha Bowls a good choice. However, I do wish the book had pictures of every recipe and nutritional information. 4 stars!

Thanks to Harvard Common Press, Quarto Pub and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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