Woman on the Edge

“‘I know what you want. Don’t let anyone hurt her. Love her for me, Morgan.’ She launches her baby toward me; my hands catch the infant by instinct. When I look back up at her mother a second later, the train is shrieking into the station. And that’s when sheContinue Reading

Beastars Vol 1

Everyone wants to be a hero, or even a superhero, in Beastars Vol 1, a new high school manga for grades 4 through 7. At Cherryton Academy, carnivores and herbivores live in separate dorms. But when an alpaca is killed, the carnivores are the prime suspects especially a large wolfContinue Reading

Beautiful Sheep

This is literally a book about Beautiful Sheep. With photos of forty different champion sheep representing their breed. Each breed page includes features, use, related breeds, size, origin, and current world distribution of each breed. As a born and bred city girl, I’m not sure why I have a fascinationContinue Reading

Follow Me

Someone is stalking Audrey. Audrey doesn’t care as long as her million followers continue to “Follow Me”. Audrey, you see, is that annoying “Insta influencer” that all your friends are talking about. Cat is her sole IRL friend from her college sorority. A successful attorney now, Cat is an introvertContinue Reading

Silent House

Who would kill an eighteen-month-old girl in a houseful of deaf people? While the police try and solve the crime, British Sign Language Interpreter, Paige Northwood, is listening to all the interviews. As a family friend, she feels obligated to solve the crime herself—with chilling consequences. Silent House is aContinue Reading

British Murder

The good news: British Murder is two Lucy Stone novels for a single book’s price. The bad news: The two novels, English Tea Murder and British Manor Murder, were previously published in 2011 and 2016. So if you haven’t read either novel, you are getting a good deal. If youContinue Reading


In 1950 at age six, Marvin Hamlisch was the youngest student to be accepted to Juilliard, the famous New York City music school. He auditioned with a then-modern pop song, Goodnight Irene, instead of the usual classical music selection. Marvin was the American son of Jewish Austrian immigrants forced outContinue Reading

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga focuses on still stretches that are held for 1-5 minutes. Their goal is two-fold: to stretch the tendons and ligaments, but also to support meditation and mindfulness. Along with twenty yin poses are five yang, or moving, poses. In addition, there are four balanced sequences of poses. OneContinue Reading