No-Waste Save-the-Planet Vegan Cookbook

No-Waste Save-the-Planet Vegan Cookbook

I made limiting my food waste my number one New Year’s Resolution this year. My resolution was to eat all the fresh produce I have left at the end of the week rather than throwing it out. The No-Waste Save-the-Planet Vegan Cookbook goes at least 99 steps further on the no waste ladder. Using banana peels in pie is a non-starter for me. However, there are many less severe ways to reduce your food waste.

Many of the recipes are engineered to use the leftover vegetable pieces from other recipes. Almost all of the recipes include ingredient substitutions so you can use up what you have on hand. That action will save the environment and some money.

The recipes have an international feel. Breakfast, desserts and snacks are included along with main and side dishes. All the recipes are vegan. Most are gluten-free too.

I have only the usual two complaints about this cookbook. There are not enough pictures of the finished dishes. Strangely enough, there are several of the ingredients, which are kind of useless in my opinion. There is also no nutritional information or allergen warnings within the book.

I love the idea of no waste cooking. The 102 Plant Saver Tips throughout the book were interesting and useful. However, ultimately this is a cookbook. With limited pictures and no nutritional info, The No-Waste Save-the-Planet Vegan Cookbook receives just 3 stars from me.

Thanks to Harvard Common Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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