Logging Off

Logging Off

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day!” Andy is a self-employed freelance graphic designer with intestinal issues. With a fixation on social media, gaming, and streaming, there is zero hope of his Logging Off anytime soon. Until he gets cancer…

No. according to his real doctor—not the cancer-pronouncing Dr. Google—Andy has a fierce case of technology addiction. The cure? Stop using technology for sixty days. S-I-X-T-Y D-A-Y-S!!! A digital detox? “It’s either a stabbing pain, or a return to the Dark Ages. I’m not so sure which is worse, to be honest with you…”

With the COVID-19 pandemic quietly raging outside, the world of being too busy seems like a quaint memory of a mostly forgotten childhood. Without technology now, everyone would be truly isolated. However, if I try to imagine doing a digital detoxing in the world before, it is a truly frightening thought.

My house isn’t even wired for a landline and I haven’t had one in at least fifteen years. There are no over-the-air broadcast television in my area since all signals were digitalized over a decade ago. The most frequent visitor at my home is my UPS driver with my almost daily Amazon package. I’ll save a lot of money on my fiber-optic Wi-Fi, satellite television, and all of those extra streaming services. But what will I spend the money on, I’ll actually have to leave my home and walk around a physical store. Ugh! I, and I’m sure most of us, can definitely relate to Andy’s pain.

I always enjoy a book that makes me empathic for the lead character. Logging Off does that but also makes me reminiscent for the lost options of going to a park or hanging out with friends. Now we are all trapped in our houses with only our technology keeping us connected and safe. I wonder what we will think about technology when we get out. Will we be more into it or sick of it?

Oops! Back to the review. Logging Off is a humorous tale of trying to get free of an addiction that most of the Western world has heavily invested in. It also has a thirty-six year old man feeling like an old man around Gen Zers. With IBS and lockjaw symptoms. But funny! 3.5 stars!

Thanks to Amazon Publishing UK and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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