How to Retire Debt-free and Wealthy

How to Retire Debt-free and Wealthy

We all want to know How to Retire Debt-free and Wealthy. So, there have been many books attempting to address this issue. This book gets it right—offering many different routes to a pleasant retirement. Plus it includes step-by-step plans depending on your situation and the timeframe of your retirement.

The basic plan is simple with only five steps to be completed in this order:

  1. Eliminate all debt except your mortgage and refinance if you have to.
  2. Set up your mortgage to be paid off by your retirement date. Either refinance your mortgage to the number of working years left or pay enough additional money each month to pay it off by your retirement.
  3. Track your expenses and revenues daily.
  4. Get your total debt servicing ratio to 40% or below (the math formula is in the book).
  5. Explore ways to increase your wealth. The method depends on many factors but especially how close you are to retirement.

Overall, I love the ease in which the author encourages everyone to better their situation without assigning blame for how they got there. She also pushes her clients and readers to really think about the future—rather than mindlessly buying that larger house or fancier car. You really are the CEO of your own life! How to Retire Debt-free and Wealthy is not just for people considering retirement. These methods will increase any one’s wealth by logically planning for the future at any time of life. 5 stars!

hanks to Nimbus Publishing and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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