How To

How To

If you ever wondered How To send a letter home from the space station or land a space shuttle in downtown LA, I have the perfect instruction book for you.

What if I use real science to solve hypothetical problems? For example, how can I get rid of this book after I finish reading it? I can leave it outside, but it won’t degrade and return to the Earth for centuries. I can burn it and use the resulting energy to power my car. I could do what the US does with nuclear waste. Throw it in a deep hole, post pictorial signs warning aliens not to dig it up, and wait thousands of years for it to decay. On a side note (and this book is full of them), the deepest I can drill into the Earth is the crystalline basement. Like the author, I agree that could be the nerdiest EDM band ever or even a sale on meth.

How To is an acquired taste. Read a bit of it in the store or in a free eBook sample before you buy it. You will know immediately if this type of science absurdity is for you. I like it so I’m giving it 4 (extremely nerdy) stars! But your starage may be completely different.

Thanks to Riverhead Books and Edelweiss+ for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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