Home Sick Pilots

Home Sick Pilots

The Home Sick Pilots, a punk band in 1994, makes a fatal mistake by planning on hosting a gig at the local haunted house. The female guitarist, Ami, goes in first by herself and doesn’t come back out. Her bandmates, Rip and Buzz, try to find her. But the house doesn’t want to give her back. The house is using Ami to collect its wandering ghosts. Once Ami finds all seven ghosts, what will the house do to her? Only the house knows…

This volume definitely started out with some good horror foreshadowing. But it kind of petered out by the last two issues. It does have a good cliffhanger that might force me to read Vol 2. However, I want to mention the art. It is the best part of Home Sick Pilots. It is atmospheric but you can clearly see what is going on. The deep colors splash across the page. Still, the plot and characterizations do stumble a lot by the last issues. 3 stars.

Thanks to Image Comics and Edelweiss for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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