Follow the Golden Brick Road

Follow the Golden Brick Road

If you want to Follow the Golden Brick Road…to financial freedom, the author states real estate is the way to go.

Less risky than starting your own business or playing the stock market, real estate allows smart investors to win whether the economy is up or down. But it does take patience and sacrifice. Patience to wait to find the right property. Sacrifice to save for the down payment and renovation costs for the first house.

I’ve been looking into this field for a while. I want to use it as a cushion once I retire in a few years. Despite reading many books on the subject, I found several new ideas here. First, investors can use their IRA to begin their real estate journey. Once that journey is well on its way, investors can move from passive investors to active investors, which can save a lot of money on taxes. There were several nuts and bolts ideas here to save on taxes. There was also practical advice about how to begin. Plus what attributes do successful real estate investors have in common. Overall, Follow the Golden Brick Road is a useful guide for people thinking of investing in real estate—either flipping or renting the newly renovated homes. 4 stars!

Thanks to FTCW PC and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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