Escape Game The Mad Hacker

Escape Game The Mad Hacker

With all the new escape room books for adults, it was only a matter of time before versions for kids appeared. Escape Game The Mad Hacker is a perfect choice for puzzle-loving children.

Using skills like code-breaking, matching pictures, counting, following directions, and applying the correct tools to a problem, this book will teach many abilities that are useful in life. All eight of the puzzles require the use of reason and logic to determine how to solve them. To avoid frustration, the book provides three hints for each puzzle, along with a thumbs-up validation page to ensure the reader is on the correct path. In addition, all of the puzzles have a clearly illustrated answer page.

The puzzles in the Escape Game The Mad Hacker use varied skills to solve. The illustrations are both cute and clear. Be aware that the “toolkit” in the back that must be used to solve some of the puzzles must be cut out of the book to be used. Essentially, this makes the book a one-time use activity. However, it should be a pleasant hour or two for your youngster. 5 stars!

Thanks to Red Feather, Schiffer Publishing Ltd. and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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