I agree with the author of #ENTRYLEVELBOSS that as you get further into your career, you lose empathy for those just beginning theirs. I think this clearly laid out plan of attack would be very useful. If not for the full-time gamers in their parent’s basements, at least for the parents themselves.

The book begins with a plan to determine specifically what you want to do and where you want to do it, regardless of your degree and experience. It continues with how to find a network inside your dream business. Next, it explains how to prepare the perfect resume and cover letter. Finally, it shows how to ace the interview process.

The author knows of what she speaks. With a degree in English and a Master’s in jazz vocals, she is now a career coach who used do tech at Facebook. I think part of her success is pure chutzpah. However, her explanation of why “who you know” works is spot-on with my own career experiences. However, she goes further to explain ways to build networks while unemployed or underemployed.

I think #ENTRYLEVELBOSS will really resonant with the Millennials and Gen Zers it is written for. When you are used to syllabi, you want a nine-step process to your new career. It feels safer than searching aimlessly on job lead sites like you are Link in Breath of the Wild. This is a great gift for new college graduates—along with those former graduates still sitting on their parent’s couch. 4 stars and good luck in your job search!

Thanks to St. Martin’s Griffin, St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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