Mellie’s working as an apprentice undertaker when she comes across a horrible automobile accident at a nearby Crossroad. Three people are dead, one is barely hanging on, and a newborn is found alive on the Oregonian desert floor. When the bodies disappear, Mellie is suspected. Mellie decides to investigate to clear her name.

There are enough plots here for a whole series of books. Mellie has quite a history that needs to be fleshed out. Troubled childhood, ghostly brother in her head, missing husband, and several broken relationships all haunt Mellie. There are enough secrets and crimes going on in small, rural Barlow County that they need to triple the local police force.

Even with all that plotting and conniving going on, Crossroad sometimes lags. In addition, with the exception of Mellie, most of the characters feel paper-thin. They feel almost like stereotypes only used to move the plot forward. This book was not a favorite of mine but you may enjoy it. 3 stars.

Thanks to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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