Crimson Phoenix

Crimson Phoenix

I am so glad that I waited to read this book during the current presidential administration. At least part of what terrified Democrats last year was the worry that the previous President would finish his term with a bang! That bang happens in the Crimson Phoenix.

U.S. Congressperson Vicky Emerson is hustled to a nuclear shelter in the wake of global nuclear disaster. However, when her sons are not allowed admittance, she decides to take her chances outside. What her family sees is a nation in ruins. Can she help build the country back? Or will the selfish and greedy rule again? How will the experience change her family? Will anything ever be the same again?

I really enjoyed this rousing book! I love disaster movies—especially if they have a patriotic component. My favorite is Independence Day. The Crimson Phoenix gave me all the plot twists and “feels” from that movie while carrying a completely different plot. It’s a great story. 4.5 stars!

Thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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