Cold in July

Cold in July

“Killing a man had not altered my appearance in the least.” states Richard Dane, part-time killer and full-time father in Cold in July.

Richard kills an intruder in his home in self-defense. When the victim’s father, Russel, comes for revenge, a strange friendship develops. It appears the police might have misidentified the intruder—possibly on purpose. Once Dane hires a private detective, Jim Bob, with a personality as big as the Texas setting, the twists just keep coming in this western noir.

Great characters set this novel apart. The plot is twisty. There are a few instances of the n-word, though used to prove someone is an ignorant redneck, it still might bother some readers. Also, swear words are frequent. However, the characters and the setting are great. Cold in July is perfect for fans of A Simple Plan or Fargo, where ordinary people get caught up in extraordinary situations. 4 stars!

Thanks to the publisher, Pinnacle Books, and NetGalley for a copy.

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