Children of Chicago

Children of Chicago

The Children of Chicago are killing each other. Are there hints in local graffiti of their motive? Who or what is Pied Piper?

Lauren is a troubled person. Only a police detective for a year, she has already killed one person in self-defense. Worse, she is literally haunted by her dead younger sister, Marie, who she failed to save from drowning when only fourteen herself. Lauren is convinced that Marie’s death was no accident.

I’m always up for some genre-mashing and Children of Chicago delivers. Mixing a dark fairy tale with horror and a police procedural is definitely innovative. The novel is a harrowing read where you are compelled to read to the end while also feeling kind of scared of what’s to come. The suspenseful conclusion was riveting. 5 stars for this atmospheric and enthralling novel!

Thanks to Agora Books, Polis Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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