Betray Her

Betray Her

Betray Her is an exciting concept for a thriller but with a literary fiction, (i.e., rather slow), pacing.

Jo and Kate are best friends at boarding school. After they are grown-up, it is harder to continue to be best friends. Kate has the perfect life—handsome husband, beautiful daughter and a rich lifestyle. Jo was not so lucky—deceased husband with no child. Jo becomes increasingly obsessed with Kate’s life. How far will she go to attain it for herself? What other secrets will come to light during the frequent flashbacks to their boarding school days?

Betray Her is a well-written rollercoaster ride through two woman’s lifelong friendship. It includes huge quantities of alcohol so if that is a trigger for you, you should probably skip this book. But for others willing to wait a bit for their thrills, this book is a good choice. 4 stars!

Thanks to Little Brown Group UK and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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