Art of Flaneuring

Art of Flaneuring

The Art of Flaneuring is to wander intentionally in an aimless way. It is a technique to use mindfulness, live in the moment, and get some exercise.

It was first practiced by rich, slightly drunken Frenchmen in the late 1800s. In modern times, it isn’t so limiting. In fact, flaneuring can be done at work, while driving, or when traveling. It is healthy to let your unconscious mind free-rein over where you go for a few minutes. Though, of course, you eventually want to return to your starting point.

I am a master flaneur, even if I had no name for it prior to reading this book. And, of course, occasionally that results in getting myself hopelessly lost. Now, with a convenient pocket GPS (my iPhone), I can always spin myself around to the right direction. It is freeing to just wander. I think most people will enjoy the tips and tricks in this book for how to begin and excel at it. However, I thought the Art of Flaneuring occasionally repeated itself—perhaps to fill a certain word count. 3 stars but possibly more for fans of Marie Kondo or the Swedish art of Hygge.

Thanks to Tiller Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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