A Small Case for Inspector Ghote?

A Small Case for Inspector Ghote?

Inspector Ghote has been promoted to the prestigious Bombay Crime Branch that investigates serious crimes involving India’s VIPs. However, the Inspector appears to be in disfavor already with the Branch’s Head, Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. Divekar, in A Small Case for Inspector Ghote?

And what is that “small case”? Ghote has found a bloody and dismembered head in his office trash can. The victim is Bikram, his frequently drunk and always incompetent peon. Even though Mr. Divekar tells him to just dispose of the head since it was only a peon of low caste, Ghote decides to investigate. Bikram was a citizen of the new Republic of India after all.

A Small Case for Inspector Ghote? was the twenty-sixth and final book in the Inspector Ghote series. Published in 2009, it has a slightly more modern feel than earlier series’ entries. In this one, Ghote, at least, feels that his peon deserves to have his murder investigated despite his low caste. Many of the other characters continue the racist stereotypes of previous Ghote tales. But the pacing is still languid. Plus the mystery was a bit too easy to solve. 3 stars.

Thanks to Severn House and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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