Until I Find You

Until I Find You

What reader is not frightened of going blind? What mother is not afraid of her child going missing? For Bec, a widowed mother of infant son Jackson, both fears are realized in Until I Find You, a new domestic suspense tale.

One day, Bec is awakened by Jackson’s screams. When she picks him up to comfort him, she is convinced the baby in her arms is not her son. She calls the police but they don’t believe her. Does she have a rare mental disease or has someone really taken her son?

Bec, I know you’re blind but haven’t you heard of DNA kits? You can order them from Amazon. Problem in convincing the police you are correct? Solved! That would have made this a shorter, tighter, book. I understand that being blind is scary. My own husband irl is legally blind. I don’t hear him whining all the time. Buy a gun! Go to your backyard for some sun instead of a remote park! ASK OR PAY FOR SOME HELP!!! There are many free resources for the blind. You are enforcing stereotypes of helpless blind people. Get your act together.

To be fair, while I absolutely disliked this book, I think it was at least partially because I’m too close to the subject. So I’ll rate it 3 stars as I believe some more sentimental readers may enjoy Until I Find You.

Thanks to St. Martin’s Griffin and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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