The Space Between Worlds

The Space Between Worlds

On Earth, scientists have discovered an infinite number of parallel worlds. When they discover a way to cross The Space Between Worlds, they send volunteers to Earths that are the most similar to our Earth—now named Earth 0. Those volunteers come back broken and soon die. Eventually, they discover that traversers between worlds cannot go to a world on which their doppelganger is still alive. They need to find Earth 0 residents that are unlucky enough to be dead on most other worlds. They need to find Cara.

Cara is a scrappy and ambitious girl from the bad side of town. Her poverty-stricken lifestyle has killed her in 373 of the 380 worlds that Earth 0 residents can visit. But she wants to be more than just a traverser, she wants to be a higher-paid analyst—despite her lack of formal education. Cara does have street smarts. She has already discovered that the owner of the company that employs her is not just acquiring scientific data during each trip. He is also getting dark data about the future. Who wouldn’t be rich if they knew tomorrow’s stock market prices and Super Bowl winners in advance?

My Review

I love the world-building within this book. There isn’t a lot of fluff about how the buildings or residents look that drag down a lot of science fiction books for me. This book is about ideas rather than appearances.

Cara is an intriguing character. She definitely lives on the shady side of the street. But, perhaps that is why she has beat the odds to survive on Earth 0. The twists begin when she discovers something unusual on one of the Earths she is visiting. From then on, the book is an enthralling story you won’t want to put down. The Space Between Worlds is not only a great choice for science fiction readers but also thriller readers looking for a unique setting and characters. 4 stars!

Thanks to Del Rey and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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