The Swap

The Swap

In The Swap, teenager Low Morrison has found a new best friend in former social influencer, Freya Light. Freya looked at Low like “I was not simply a misfit teenager, tall and awkward and outcast. I was a kindred spirit. Freya and I had a soul connection.” Low begins to be the sole attendee of Freya’s weekly pottery classes. But Freya’s interest in Low is dropped when a new couple moves to town.

Brian and Jamie have a history of trying to get pregnant. Brian leaves his teaching job to write the second novel in his fantasy series in the drizzly Northwest. Jamie opens a gift store in the small tourist town. Their marriage is strong until The Swap with Freya and Max happens.

This novel starts out well. It definitely has many twists and turns in plot. But therein lies the problem. The twists are stunningly obvious. I wasn’t surprised by any of them. Plus, you will eventually hate all the characters. All seem to adore the manipulative witch named Freya just because she’s beautiful. Everyone is shallow and self-pitying. Just be glad I read The Swap so you don’t have to waste 4 hours of your life too. A complete miss for me. 2 stars.

Read the author’s earlier book, The Arrangement, as it is a compelling 5-star read!

Thanks to Gallery Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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